Tuesday, September 25, 2007

latex leggings debate continue with more converts

i will get a pair of latex leggings one day, i know i will - i've been promised!

so in the meantime i keep an eye to see if they're still on the fashion bloggers radar and what they say about them.

apparently latex is taking over the world according to the queen of the posh and the broke blog. with an find of claudia schiffer in latex leggins in Russia's Vogue.

meanwhile at www.fashionising.com the metalic leggings, including latex, continues well into the fall / winter 07 lines. check their forums for more style spotting and comments.

the trend is starting to seep into other fashionistas now with Wendy Brandes becoming obsessed although there seems to be some confusion over if its the look of them and that something similiar will do or if its the latex itself. she does give a shout out to the Rubber Betty Blog so she is developing a taste imho. similiarly she's spotted the various designers doing retro 60's and 70's short black PVC rain jackets, the exact same style i'm going to have made up in latex in the next few months.

in australia you can get a selection of designs from shop TV if your brave enough to wear them. i guessing being oriental helps too.

americal apparel seems to be the place everyone is getting the metalics and latex like leggings, but one entry pointed to the cheaper and short version from ASOS in both latex like and chrome silver.

another example of how incestious fashion is and fashion bloggers are too is the style bubble entry on latex leggings ziping around so much that one dainabobar made her own variation with a pair of pvc ones from a thrift store. in a reaction to that a friend of hers Marla from Bucharest when out and got the real thing and send it a load of images to prove it here.

they are getting around from stockholm to would you believe in Nashville no less.

at kingdom of style, Queen Michelle first complains about the comfort and then produces a staggering array of images and looks of her in various mix and match and latex like leggings.

and finally see dorakas run has a well researched entry about fall fetish fashion with the mainstream fashion item and the original fetish version.

i think its safe to say that its all here to stay.... so will i start wearing my baby pink latex tights out? or will someone beat me too it?



Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting on the designer, sorry. The models pregnant now but not showing.

Fingers are well and truely crossed hoping it all comes together before she starts to show.

Can you make a post about the Skin Two Ball? I'll be at both TG and Skin Two but not the Expos.

Shall i dump the rest of those cards you mailed me?


sick puppy said...

Do it before someone else does... :P
I'm happy for you that latex leggins become mainstream so they are more available and can be easily worn in public.

alexgirl said...

baby pink latex tights! Sounds so amazing, but very uncomfortable. haha. You've got to rock that STAT!

SanderO said...

Like the patent coat. Got the wifey a patent bomber / biker kinda jacket... real patent leather. It looks nice, but it's kinda stiff.

It will show creases like leather over time... as PVC won't.

mahret said...

wow. you did a little research huh? I prefer the real latex ones though. Got my hand on a pair of black american apparel lamé leggins and I'm not so happy with them. Well it's a lot easier to wear them, but the quality is kind of crappy compared to latex. You can't really wash it and it's getting smelly. I went to a club with lots of smoking people in it and I can't get rid of the cigarette smell. It totally annoys me. Hanging them outside somehow didn't do anything about it ;-( And then I guess the latex appel will soon be gone since it's already starting to peel. Well and it simlpy doesn't feel like latex!!!

dorkas said...

thanks for the shout-out, lady!

Asudem Latex said...

thanks mahret, good to have a heads up over what works and what doesn't. and people complain about latex too!

so have u purchased a _good_ pair yet?

still waiting on mine sadly...


WendyB said...

Thanks for the mention...I mentioned you back!

Asudem Latex said...

thanks wendyb!

didn't realise i'm being watched or read by the fashion bloggers.

does that mean my little kink has a wider appeal than this corner of the internet?


mahret said...

Your kink definitely has a wider appeal ;-)
And no, I haven't purchased a really good one yet, since my last real latex leggins were of such a bad quality that they didn't last longer than three times wearing ;-( A really good high quality pair is so expensive and right now I don't even have the money to buy food... (well, sounds dramatic - I had (!!!) to buy a pair of $400 boots, that might explain my situation...).

SanderO said...

There is still a lot of confusion about latex and what is and isn't latex.

Latex is rubber as in the surgical gloves and condoms we all know.

It can be very shiney depending on how it is made and then polished with application which make it shinier... as was does to wood or a car.

There are other materials which have a shine very much like polished latex.

The most common ones are PVC which is usually unbacked plastic... and PU which is usually laminated to lycra or some other 4 way stretch fabric. Black shiny PU on lycra backing is sewn into garments and can look like latex and even feel similar to it on the shiny side.

Lycra backed PU will show wear from excessive stretching by surface cracking and de-lamination.

Latex can get dull from abrasion, but when it "fails" it simply rips "catastrophically".

Lycra backed PU is much more "comfortable" to wear and get into. No talc or wet lubes are required. The lycra can absorb some perspiration, which latex cannot. It won't stick and bind to the flesh as latex can.

Since it is sewn it can be manufactured and marketed more easily. Latex required special expensive molds for seamless items, or it has to be glued from flat panels and this is very time consuming and expensive.

Most non fetishist and people in the mainstream confuse latex and PVC and PU if the item is shiny and black. They can look very similar. But they are not... and latex can be made with material of different thickness.

As a fashion item for "everyday" use... latex, because of the need to apply and MAINTAIN polish is not sensible or practical and lycra backed PU would be a better choice. Polish can wear off when it touches other surfaces... and it is very slippery. But then the PU material is not very durable.

WendyB said...

Nice comment on the difference between latex and other materials. I must confess I am really just into "black and shiny" so I try to say "latex-look" in my posts rather than latex, but sometimes I'm just lazy! Mahret, I wish you would try the Kova & T! I'm dying for someone's review of those. :-)

Shaz said...

oh! Thanks for the mention, i only came across your blog today and i must say i love it, along with the idea of baby pink leggings! you should definetly wear them before anybody else does...and prehaps even post on them! i'm going to link you if thats ok!