Thursday, September 06, 2007

Simon O updates with style

revisiting some latex designers sites i discovered that Simon O's online shop now has new designs here. i really like this designer and one day i'll get some of his clothes that look great and aren't just confined style-wise to the fetish ghetto.

here for example is a 3/4 length latex leggings combined with a nice jacket top not in latex - and it so works imho. he also really knows how to present latex in its best light - which if you don't know is like black cars which look better in the shade.

on my own latex, i just ordered the nightgown so that should be with me in a few weeks. i think after that the short pvc styled jacket would be good and something i can finally wear out of doors. though saying that i have pop'd to the corner store in my latex slacks and melissas on saturday morning.

i think really i'm not investing in anything really expensive yet (besides the fact the euro/pound is so strong against the dollar at the moment that its hard to do) that my own self training is leading me to a point where i'll be so accustomed to latex all the time that i could just take all my clothes to goodwill and just wear latex without even an effort or fear from my side. so what i'm wearing now is 'training' clothes. so not the finest fit, or cut or designs but whats needed to immerse me in my beloved latex.


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