Monday, January 26, 2009

justified in latex

rather than just looking for mere snippets of latex on the big screen; here's a new film called Justify with a latex heroine (or anti-heroine) as its lead character both in the film and dramatically on the poster too.

there's not many details on the film but the trailer is worth seeing and obsessives have already downloaded it and re-cut it into a latex only affair - much too the annoyance of the production company as commented upon in their own blog here.

well i heard the same thing happened with the new prequel to Star Trek too. 

from these frame grabs you can see it has a some of the best lit latex ever in a film - capturing its deep shine and defining curves of the actress.

do pop over to Justify homepage and look at the full resolution trailer for the still in-production film and do let me know if you spot any more information on it.



BurnRubberV8 said...

I sure hope this film makes it to the masses, unlike the Catwoman: Copycat shortfilm. Has a good chance I think to rival the latex scenes in Irma Vep, Demonlover, and Girl in 3D. All of which stunk as movies though.

SanderO said...

In listening to the some of the dialog in the trailer, it sure sounds like psycho babble. Who writes this junk?

Wasn't there a line something like, You can reach the heights of heaven in the tree tops until you've been to the depth of hell in the roots... What sort of logic is at work here?

Let's say what they are trying to say is that if you freeze your nuts when you step in front of a warm fire it feels "infinitely" better than if you are a tad cold and perhaps make a cosy fire to enjoy.

I don't doubt that people can "be trained" and develop association. If your first crush was on a redhead as an adolescent and you kept going for redheads soon you will associate a "good time" with redheads. So you can, if you want, create positive reinforcement with S&M activity. But of course it only works (pain) when "consent" is present and it is part of a scene. If your mistress steps on your toe with her heel... by accident on her way to another session, chances are that pain would not feel too good and she probably would not feel too good about causing the pain.

Iut's mind games people choose to play and mostly because they are "bored" with "normal" games. Makes sense. Different always seems better.