Sunday, January 04, 2009

a defective doll?

i was having a peek at Rubber Pal and spotted this great photo of a latex clad rubber doll.

after getting the url wrong a few times - its not perfectdoll btw - i stumbled upon Defect Doll's homepage which has a slide show of her in a range of outfits and masks of varying levels of realism, although the above is my preferred from her collection.

do have a look for yourself.



Krylancelo said...
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Krylancelo said...

If you are a first timer to Defect Doll's site, it's a nice site. Since it hasn't updated in a while, it's not worth the time to watch(at least, if you have a photographic memory like me).

Still, it does have some nice shots.
Edited because of some stupid typo's