Wednesday, January 28, 2009

now if they were taller and higher

i managed to snag a real bargain a couple of weeks ago online and even though they're a size too small and don't meet my 5" heel requirements i do love them so.

what? well they're soft molded plastic rain boots by Brazilian company Melissa.

stylistically they look exactly like the above photo which is not a great shot as it makes them look like dull rubber rain boots. mainly they are same shape and style to the alexandre herchcovitch boots with the rib panel detailing bellow.

ooh and they are deep black and super glossy. no tell tale lines on them either, just one super slick piece of molded plastic that are so great when mixed with my mock latex leggings (worn over real ones actually). so indie rocker chick with that and a latex blouse.

and they have the telltale smell of bubblegum that all Melissa's have which could be kinky for some people, especially if they have a stuck fetish. 

so one day i figure they'll realize there's a market place for other rain boots and start expanding the design and making he shaft taller.


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RubberMannequin said...

Those are stunning. Wish I could find them in my size.