Monday, January 26, 2009

a long time for a sequel

in some ways i prefer latex fiction than imagery. there's nothing wrong with the imagery thats out there - some of its very good - but like radio, fiction just has so much better pictures and set designs than television.

to that end i was really happy this weekend when visiting MC to see that Nano Slaver had written a sequel to Thaasophobe as well as a new story called 'At the Costume Shop'. both can be found on Nano's page.

another favourite by the same author is Dolly Molly. do go have a read.i keep wishing i was in the stories.

i had sent emails to her/him on an earlier occasion raining praise and looks like the time has come for more enthralling work from Nano. hope more is in the works and Thaasophobe doesn't end with part 2.

and i was thinking.. the bottle in Thaasophobe could easily be remade in Second Life just as the Bane Suits were...


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