Sunday, January 04, 2009

latex doll suits must be popular... the chinese latex makers have copied and are making full enclosure latex doll suits now - as i discovered while expanding my search for rubber on ebay in germany.

if you like to have a look at what's on offer then the listing for one is here at 180 euros. it has some time before the end of the auction and its a store listing so there's more than one.

looking at the seller; Latex-Catsuit's other auctions reveals the same catsuit for 129.32 euro's and other variations for less still. their basic black catsuit is only a hair under 100 euros. they might even be less as i think they are also 'best offer' but as its in german i can't tell.

i've has a few basic items made by an chinese ebay seller and would say they are alright as a serious step up from molded rubber clothes for those on a tight budget but no where near as good as proper sheet latex made by a British or European designers. 

the latex itself is uneven and coarse in some places. minor defects are evident in random places too. the zip on the catsuit is really really industrial - somewhat like what you would have on a heavy winter coat. which is perfectly fine for a coat but without a zip guard it can really catch (and i'm not going into specifics).

so its a good starting point for a basic catsuit for those who are just slowly slipping into their new fetish and want to try it out but i don't ever plan on getting a catsuit from them again - more so after a considerable amount of the christmas holidays in the latex heaven which is the Fantastic Rubber mannequin suit. more on that in another post. 

i do plan on getting a few pairs of different styles of jeans or slacks made up. they're good for basics that would see a lot of outside wear like the skinny jeans i've really worn into the ground. i bet a coat or jacket would come out pretty well too. so i'll keep to using them as a prototyping service for my own designs which i then may pass onto latex designers once i've proved the concepts of the designs.



Anonymous said...

"sofort kaufen" just means "buy it now". click and pay. no auction.

Anonymous said...

I'd be very hesitant buying Chinese production items ... I've picked suits (Lycra, though) before, and not even directly from China, and they were total crap ... badly manufactured, low quality material, unrealistic body proportions, ... and that was ordering through a German reseller, sparing me the troubles of going through customs and all the likes ...

Throughfare said...

Actally the Latex-Catsuit people have set up a store in English on the US eBay site:

You can read their listins in English there . . .

Hope this helps, TF

Jovina said...

Hello all! I purchased one of these suits and I have no problem with the quality. My issue is that they made it too loose for the measurements that I gave them. You can see some pictures of me inside it here: The face is very fetish oriented as well, not realistic at all. Jovina