Monday, January 26, 2009

shiny shiny dolls...

i've been meaning to post something on this for some time. i've signed up for their emails and they always come through blank for some unknown reason. even the site can't explain it when i emailed them a few times about it. 

then a clever thought hit me - if i can't see them in my email, then maybe someone else can?

so i forwarded the email news from High Gloss Dolls to a reader who is much more of a geek than i am and a collection of images were sent back.  these aren't her best images. for those you need to really go to her site.

the designer mastermind behind the multifacet project is FRÄULEIN EHRHARDT and it started if memory serves as a shop selling latex she's both designed and photographed so beautifully. her style is very refined and graphic - letting the models shapes, the contrast of the latex glossiness and the primary colors of the latex all blend to create effortless still life's.

she's brought a really fresh look to the fetish fashion market with a style that is much more appealing than most. (i'll stop gushing here)

you can buy all the designs here on her onsite e-store.

and if you just love the look you can also buy posters and prints here.

or there's the free section with all the dolls as well as a member zone for those with deeper wallets. 

as i said before these images are very good but not the creme of the crop. for those you'll need to look at the High Gloss Dolls yourself and explore the shiny treats yourself. i do openly wonder if she's set to be the next Bob Carlos Clarke?

...and she even sent out a latex christmas card.


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trinity-pup said...

i love that site - i used to post images of the latest monthly doll being showcased (i have old pics on my blog). Gotta love the shiny stuff! :-)