Sunday, January 04, 2009

vote for the script

i've not visited Warp My Mind for some time and i figured it was worth checking in again to see if any latex or doll related scripts were present. there are a few core ones and based on the number of downloads for them its still a very active area.

in the voting section here there's one potential script that caught my eye.

Trig Living Doll

The Trigger is 'Living Doll Time Now' and when triggered, the person will transform into a doll version of themselves, however the gender is always female. During this time, their feet will position themselves to wear 4 inch heels and will not change from that position, you won't even be able to move your toes, they'll feel fused together. Their head will feel as if it made of Rubber and their eyes will shut whenever they are looking above themselves. Their Genitals will be replaced by a flat space. 

They will also have hair that, to them, feels completely fake and every bit of their skin will feel like Rubber or Plastic. Also, they will find that for some reason, they are incapable of speaking when other people are around and that they can hear the voices of other toys. They will also have a compulsion to look pretty, and when they're with little girls (3 years to 7 years) they will ask if they want to play dressup, with themselves as a model for the outfits, hairstyles etc. 

All of these changes will be all in the person's mind, except the eyes shutting and how they stand, that will be due to their new 'body' and will be taken from the person's idea of what they'd look like as a doll, but their abilities will be changed to that of a doll, so they will be unable to move their arms in their full range of motion, and they will be forced to put on a fake 'Toothy Smile' as if they were smiling for a photo every so often. The Release Trigger is 'Revert To Normal' but the trigger will only take effect after at least an hour, and the time it takes to kick in increases every time.

so in a few months we'll see if its won and if it gets recorded. of course you can all register and vote for it to make sure it does get made.

also if anyone knows of any scripts or mp3's for sale along similar lines then please do post in comments.


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