Monday, January 19, 2009

only two days left!!!!

if you want to catch this listing on ebay in the uk here.

what is it? well its a House of Harlot custom full body inflatable suit.

the description states;

This is an amazing outfit but I've never worn it, apart for the photos. Designed and made by House of Harlot for a fashion show, this outfit comprises catsuit (footless), gloves and mask - all inflatable. The gloves are inflated using a drinking straw and a little patch to seal them which needs a little attention to fix. The mask and catsuit require a pump and have a little plug to seal.

The catsuit is double skined and zipped up the back. One size only and fits me easily at 6'. Please contact me if you require further detailed measurements.

it doesn't say wether its for a man or woman. safely classify it in the 'other' category and way beyond a cute vixen harlequin which is a close as i'd get to something like this in real life.


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SanderO said...

It's un PC to not applaud any use of latex. But Some of these creations, though skillfully done and "creative" do absolutely nothing for me at all. Since fetish/latex is a big tent yuoget a lot under it that does not appeal to everyone. These sorts of things don't for me.