Monday, January 19, 2009

it does make certain sense

to wear shiny or latex clothes when cleaning up as demonstrated by this video by French Fetish Couple.

this isn't a new idea but i was washing the dishes a few days ago, splashed some hot soapy water and it didn't make a difference.

i wonder if the latex designers have ever considered a new moms as a rich market for latex clothes? or if your really rich make sure your nanny or maid is wearing latex. maybe they'll pick up on it with all the latex leggings around.



blackice said...

Hi Asudem

I was watching Three Wedding and Funeral with some friends in the cinema a few years ago and there's a line from the red haired girl about working in a shop where she has to wear rubber and she comments 'well its easy to clean' (or something to that effect).

I reacted 'works for me' which caused my friends to break out laughing loudly as they know I wear latex bomber jacket pretty well daily.

Though saying that they could of said the same thing as in their perky goth fashions have a lot of latex too.


Anonymous said...


Yeah, I'll second that about the "perky goth" look and latex. Just based on my research into the old Usenet groups alt.gothic and .

It is interesting....there are perky goth, cyber goth and EGL looks that could *all* be a way to get ASFR/dolly looks mainstreamed in a heartbeat (much like they do in Japan). But again, it's a case of the pieces being there, and they *don't* come together for some reason.

Speaking of which...I have to get going. I'm anticipating having to upload a lot of crap (large zipped files) to the internet so I can get this *done* already...and finally use my new machine and DSL. I know, plan Z, all that...

But yeah, I have to do something. I have to get the new and excellent stuff started already, grrr, between being sick with allergies and computer issues... O_O

"I have to Upgrade + Evolve". If only it were as easily done as said.

Bradley Poe