Thursday, January 01, 2009

i'm still writing them

well not so much writing pen to paper but deciding what to commit too for 2009's New Year Resolutions on my journey into latexness.

i did pretty well last year bar the lapse of getting a photo of myself shot properly as opposed to any crappy snap i could of done. also work and a weak dollar conspired to keep me from attending the Skin Two Ball in London. this year looks considerably more likely with the dollar so strong now to the pound.

my long term latex wearing went from half latex to full latex most days when home (work from home office most days) during the middle of the summer onwards. i'm venturing out more and more in my latex skinny jeans. they've suffered from light damage from being in the sunlight so much and have really worn down parts. i've worn them to several parties too. 

i'll need to get more latex clothes for day to day wear and that will require some planning and budgeting. sort of like when you start proper 'adult' work in offices etc you discover your college clothes are conservative enough for the 9-5 environment.

so there's loads to think about, chew over and finally commit too. sometime very soon i'll know how much further i'll be enveloped in latex in the coming year.


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