Monday, January 19, 2009

what to do with $120,000

no sadly i've not won any lotteries., this is not real money per se but store credit for my months of modeling at Kayliwulf Kingdom in Second Life.

according to a second life currency converter. the dollar to Linden$ is about 278L$ to 1 real US dollar. not sure what it is to the pound or euro.

so my 120,000 L$ store credit is: 575US$ - wow thats like a real job and could pay for several nice real latex items.

any suggestions?



Andreas said...

That are 438.- euro. I would buy a "Hosenkorsett" at Latexuniverse.
Have seen one live, looks great.

Roen said...

auction it off on ebay

Anonymous said...

you should use it to get a custom prosthetically fit latex mask.

angryearthling said...

didn't you say that you were going to get photos taken professionally? seems like you could use the income from one modelling career to fund another.

Ener Bing said...

/me giggles...
I would pay my Simon O order with the L$ 350000 I have :P