Sunday, January 11, 2009

like everyone else..

i over did it in december with food and good cheer. sitting for long periods of time at a computer working doesn't help too much either i'd say.

so i do have some christmas money stashed aside for new latex, i simply will need to hold off ordering it till i loose my little tummy and go down a dress size (or maybe two if i'm honest).

oh well. makes the anticipation even better i guess.

what will i be getting? well skinny jeans need replacing for sure. then a couple more pairs of pants/slacks to round out my weekly wardrobe. then several tops. i'm also considering latex pj's or a night gown. not sure on that yet as i didn't do to well with the last one i had made.

then a few tops and possibly a skirt or two in different cuts.

increasing my latex wear is something akin to starting proper work for the first time after leaving college. all of a sudden you jeans and t-shirts aren't cutting it and your wardrobe has no real official like middle ground. its casual or dressed up.


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