Thursday, January 29, 2009

trouble accessing?

i had an email yesterday asking if the blog was still up. it seems that blogs with adult content were being blocked for access by German users.

does anyone know about this or can confirm it?

guessing that if you are in Germany and can't see it then you won't know about this new post asking that very question.



Anonymous said...

No, no trouble at all accessing. Must have been internet trouble, no censoring.


Anonymous said...


I am from Germany and I don´t have any trouble or problems reading your blog.

Please continue ;)


Anonymous said...

Censoring here in DE? Don't think so. No problem accessing your wonderful blog so far. :)

I got a „Anfrage dauert zu lange“ (request took too long) message while posting this, but that's all. Should be normal net trouble ;)

Rubber said...

Guess you'd need to be more specific as to from where the access was attempted ... after all, Germany is not China (yet?) and doesn't have that "big firewall", so in essence, you may have "Germany", but you also have several hundred or thousand providers one might connect to the Internet through ...

Andreas said...

No problem in acess also. Maybe a problem with the browsér. Something like Child- safe adjustments

Anonymous said...

i've been unable to get here from my hom computer. i'm on verizon dsl there, and have just been hit by the virtumonde virus too. i can still do other websites though.
here at work no problem....i'm on crapcast cable here.

Anonymous said...

I'm in California on comcast cable internet. I haven't been able to get to this blog or several others on blogspot for weeks. I only managed to access it just now by going through a google search to s cached page.