Thursday, January 29, 2009

getting out of your clothing rut

of comfy sweaters and into a PVC catsuit, from a UK tv series about clothing make overs.

pitty it wasn't latex. maybe in series II or III.



Sophie@HMS said...

Nice find! :)

SanderO said...

This idiot producer plays right into the stereotyping.

On the one hand pervs want freedom of personal expression and on the other hand they are completely conformists in their style and fetish tastes.

This conformity often called "perfection" of form or something similar can be seen in how much one fem dom looks/dresses like another, one doll loos and dresses like another one slaves looks and dresses like another.

This need to conform has always been present in ALL cultural expression vanilla, alt/fetish, rebellious outlier etc.

There is a curious irony in this desire to conform to a fetish "standard".

Anonymous said...

Is conformity a bad thing if it's consentual?

I'm asking because it seems rather besides the point to piss and moan about how all living dolls "look alike". Lots of dolls, actual toys mind you, are mass-produced and also "look alike" if you think about it with your eyes open. And one could submit that becoming a pretty object is *in part* about allowing yourself to lose some of your status as an individual to become The Cherished One.

In other words: I hardly see the point in picking on people over this. Ok, so folks are making their own clique this way. It's still a small, rare and unusual (to most people) sort of minority clique. So freedom of expression and individuality are still going to be relevant issues to a minority clique.

In smaller words still: get a clue please, and at least do some research before making these sorts of insulting comments.

Thanks for your time,

Bradley Poe (are "pervs" the new "black"? Or is this just one more *slur* that needs to go in the trashcan? I think the proper, objective word would be "deviant" since not all deviants are presumed criminal or creepy or threatening)

Mundus said...

This had to rate as one of the worst programes I have ever seen. It was real road-crash TV.

Basically, the poor woman in question was getting married but was concerned that her shyness and conservative dress style may mean her new husband would loose interest in her.

The producers did a real mind-ream on her, one day the cat suit, another a wedding dress for the whole day.

Needless to say this didn't do anything for the poor victim's confidence and she broke her wedding off a week before the big day.

SanderO said...

Mundus confirms what I suspected about this idiotic concept for a "reality" show.

Fetish has become a cartoon or caricature where anyone can take pot shots at it.

This also underscores much of the BS and hype behind fashion looks. You can't just wear something and change your personality. You have to have that trait which might be brought out by the clothes a bit.

But you cannot turn a shy retiring female into a bitchy controlling dominatrix but stuffing her into a rubber catsuit. Nor can you make her a sophisticated gal about town by dressing her in a power suit.

People dress to express their personality and can have different aspects which they express at different times Clothing styles can reinforce and signal these personality traits when she choses to send a clear message which people can read without actual intereaction.

While we might think this gal was a bossy controlling fem dom by just looking at her walking her dog in a catsuit, if we spoke with her for 10 minutes we would know she is a shy and very uncomfrtable in those clothes.

Of course to many voyeuristic pervs they don't care about the person in the clothes as they simply project whatever they want and since they are fetishistic are excited by the clothes more than the character inside anyway. That's a sad and unfortunately large part of fetish - shallow exhibitionism and it's cousin voyeurism.