Monday, January 05, 2009

another step into full time latex

it may not seem a big deal to some of you but it is too me.

what you may ask? well it simple...

i bought a used three drawer set of drawers and transfered all my latex from under my bed too it. previously to get into the base do the bed i had to lift up a spring loaded part that was semi broken and then prop it up with a broom stick. then root around for what i wanted to wear that day. not a simple process and a bit risky as the broom stick has slipped on a couple of occasions.

now it all a special easy to get to place thats just for my latex clothes - tights, skirts, tops and bottoms. already its pretty full and in a few months i'll need a 2nd set o drawers or maybe a full sized one. though by then i'll be over my apprehension of having it all in a much less hidden space.

more to come as i work through my new years resolutions for 2009.



batvette said...

Now you're just being a tease, because the described scenario leaves me to say the previous situation with the precarious broomstick was more appealing- replace the base with clear lucite and pad with rubber, and it would be SUCH a tragedy should you be poking around in there encased in your rubber dollsuit, and tumble in!(see Gord's "The Dollmaker")
Yep, wouldn't want THAT to happen.
If only acrylic panels weren't so "spendy". I've made a few speaker boxes with it, easy to work with except polishing the milled edges is a trick.

Asudem Latex said...

if u look back over my earlier posts, i did try to turn that appear into a padded satin lined doll case. the support beam in it made it very uncomfortable so i gave up on that idea after the first try.

a sheet lucite doll box is a lovely idea though and well something already on my 'if i win a lottery' list.

after getting knocked on my head a couple of time with both the top of the beds base closing - and keep in mind that that half the mattress is also weighing down on it- i was sold on the idea of getting it all out of there so i didn't need to risk being knocked out or worse.

still a doll box is something that may happen one day.