Sunday, March 09, 2008

sealed in restrained life

a really lovely composite image and story from Tiny Sexy Girl inspired by my doll avatar in second life which is now running the Restrained Life Viewer along with a suitable coded key in my back that makes me a doll.

i'll need to do more googling to find articles, links, downloads on Restrained Life but essentially if you run that instead of the normal SL viewer you can load both objects and clothes with code that will control you avatar in a way that appeals to Mistresses, subs, dolls or masters to the point of totally loosing control of your avatar and not be able to get out of it no matter what trick you try.

my key is slowly having features added Miss JD to it to the point that one day it will be impossible to remove it and all i'll be in second life is an automatic preprogrammed doll. i can't wait!!! ;-)


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Anonymous said...

is that a suit in the pic?