Thursday, March 20, 2008

a reader gets some training

i did an entry a longggg time ago about a NYC dance class giving special sessions on how to walk comfortably in heels all day and it seems the idea is spreading and its also available in the netherlands.

a reader from there - bibi - signed up for the class last fall and only just told me about it:

Dear Asudem,

Here are some links to the catwalk training by Kim Vos, an ex- model. If somebody knows how to walk, its Kim.

i joined her classes and must admit, when I go out on heels, cars crash! the first weeks we had to walk bar feeted. before mirror. She made a video every week so we could see t he progress throughout the weeks.

To the end we could bring our own heels. i did not get higher than 4.5". I must admit with you, above that the choice for shoes is rather small. (And i like them in all kinds and collors)

Walking on heels is top-sport she claims. Only few ladies understood that. If you do not practice a few days a week, there is no change you will ever really ´walk´ on them.

So, since that course, i never wore my old collection of heels (3" max) exept some boots, and bought loads of new ones, all above 4". its kind of addicting. i love the exposure. If there is one thing to get total attention of the crowd, its a perfect walk on steltto´s.

With love,

she also included some links in Dutch: casting news for models, kim vos's holding page with her contact information, another article here, as well as another overview article but with video.

bibi added that this girl obviously did not finish the course:


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Shaz said...

what a clever idea to have training to walk in excruciatingly high heels!