Sunday, March 09, 2008

latex in public: glamour and contrast

there's a new latex fetish site on the web called public fetish girls. now is this the equivalent to sexy neighbor porn magazines or videos?

maybe what it's all about is that "less is more". people develop these fetishes as voyeurs initially. its about the quick glimpse of American Apparel glossy leggings on an evening out at a club or seeing someone in super high stiletto court shoes during the lunch break that imprints on peoples minds. seeing websites full of rubber girls doing anything and everything is just too darn easy now isn't it? people spend hours and days looking for the speckled whatnot when they could of gone to a zoo and seen a whole flock of them there.

here's a large sample windows video media file here that you can download and there is preview pictures on the site. so far they haven't replied to my emails for sample photo's to use or even my casual enquiry about modeling for them.

there's another thing that struck me about it all;, now that i've gone through the site and viewed some of the other sample videos on youtube, it reminds me very much of the earlier post i did way back about a woman's first catsuit and how she was standing on the suburban porch next to a friend who looked like a total slob in jeans and a huge sweat shirt.

the contrast is so huge between normal people and those who wear rubber in public. its like instant glamour celebrity or movie star and we all want to be stars don't we?


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Trav28 said...

It's a great site, I have supplied some content/images for them for use there and they're so positive and enthusiastic!