Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the coming of the rubber body

it started with shiny leggings in metallics most noticably from American Apparel, then glossy latex leggings and tights seen on the runways of Paris. soon designers were trying to ape the look and calling their leggings rubber when they weren't anywhere near that and basically just a glossy stretch fabric of indetermined sizing and fit according to all the reports on fashion message boards.

now with the winter/spring collection from Kova & T it seems the 'rubber' term is still being used and the leggings have now stretched up the body to resemble something you'd find in a dance studio or the film flash dance (remember the fashion folk are still trying to bring back both acid rave colors as well as leggings!!!).

you would think that i'd be the first to say 'yeah!!' latex like material in public but the truth is it's not real latex and that shiny leggings is one thing, even if they are true latex which they rarely are then to show that much of your body directly is just going to be impossibly rare day to day. similar observations were made by a writer in her article on practical catsuits.

to get latex into the mainstream isn't going to work by trying to sell head to toe latex to people but rather elements of a wardrobe in latex or rubber. the Kova & T collection works best when its just a skirt, shorts or the old standby leggings. mixing and matching is where its all at in my humble opinion as i don't think we're there yet to for body catsuits in latex yet. really who has the body for them besides 17 year old models? which btw seems to be all the staff at AA...

that doesn't say that its likely i'll be hitting a point within a year or so were i will be wearing a catsuit all the time under my normal or partly dressed latex daywear.



Anonymous said...

Now see, I'm not quite sure what they're going for here. Sorry.

Don't most folks buy latex because it's among the ultimate in tight and shiny wear? Really, I keep hearing about the poor fit on some of these faux-rubber leggings and keep seeing how matte and drab the finish is on some of these leggings and tights, and I have to wonder...

What are these folks up to?

Because lycra, by its lonesome, can be more shiny and tight than this. I've seen it. I was *in California* in the mid-1980s during the ebb of the Valley Girl thing (like totally). One of my kid sisters tried to be a Val herself. I've seen the look up close more times than I can count.

Lycra by itself would seem to be smoother, shinier and more sleek than this faux-rubber look. I'm not impressed.

Then again, that may be one of the points here: make it drab and boring enough and even Wal-Mart shoppers will accept the look.

(of course that point over-estimates how generous some folks are with fashion, and under-estimates how close-minded they can be)

Just my shiny plug nickel here.

--Brad Poe

Anonymous said...

Correction: That should read "early 1980s" above, my apologies....

--Brad Poe (who wants to keep his dateline correct here)