Sunday, March 16, 2008

rubber dolls go forth

it seems the upcoming Rubber Doll World Rendezvous is starting to attract attention from mainstream latex fetishists and one example comes from the well written Rubber Dynasty Fetish report article Try it, you might like it... Rubber Doll Transformation.

her personal experiences with wearing the masks sheds some light on its appeal and opens it all up to a larger audience.

personally i think the Rubber Sisters look the best with their masks but i'm still unsure if i'd ever want to go down that route at all. maybe if there was a hyper realistic Barbie mask or a perfect mannequin one i'd go for that. as to the entire weekend of rubber dolls; well with some luck i'll be in the UK attending one of the larger fetish events with a more mixed crowd of latex lovers.



Anonymous said...

asudem, I am sure you would look wonderful transformed into a rubber doll like this. Is this not your dream?

jeandoll said...

Apart from domination. I find that that article describes pretty well why I like it.

I advise to take heed of the subjet line


Anonymous said...

The best picture is the third one. Now that one is HOT.