Tuesday, March 18, 2008

if no one really posts, would anyone donate?

i really have been wrestling with this one for sometime now. its all down to having an incredible number of hits yet no one really is posting anything in comments and very little in the way of emails or submissions. i spend more time chatting to people and readers in Second Life than emails would you believe. and emails are way easier to sneak doing when in the office than my pretty doll avatar running on my home Apple Macintosh.

the feeling i should be doing something more with the blog creeps up too. do google ad words work for instance or those amazon ones? is there some money i could be getting from referrals or hits or something? would it keep me in new latex each month? i just don't know and i have a feeling that it if i invest too much hope into doing it and then nothing then i'll be really put off it all.

we'll see...



Rubber_roo said...

Hello! I'll speak to you and maybe contribute! Very new to this though!

I'm a girl trying to live the rubber dream!

SanderO said...

I have been commenting regularly since I discovered the blog. I don't email as much as I think a public discussion is more interesting.

It's a very interesting blog.

But I am surprised that you are not attending the doll thing next month.

Asudem Latex said...

i made reference to why and what not in an earlier entry.... feel free to read between the lines of that post (sigh).


Anonymous said...

I suppose we are shy people over here. I am a regular of your blog, and have just commented a couple of times, but please dont stop doing this. I think that if you dont fill completely the place of ads, you may get some contribution out from google or something like that. your blog is well written, very honest and updated often, so it is very nice to check it weekly. I would willingly make some extra clicks on the ads so you get the money in change.

Anonymous said...

be glad that you get comments at all!
very few blogs actually get anything.
because you leave things open for a little discussion you get comments when people feel they are able. I often read your posts but have nothing to add! You ARE the expert in the field.
A few relevant adds might be ok. I trust you wont go down the path of mega-advertising, so i wont mind one or two.
Be proud of what you have, not what you don't have! know you ARE well read (as much as any small time magazine).Its the nature of the internet to feel a little lonely sometimes.


Doug said...

Hey Asu,

I still read your blog everyday and have contributed in the past, so am happy to do it again. Also, I have mailed you, although I think due to your work and mine, we need to start that up again. Anyway, I think that you should look into the best ways to get you to your goal in a way that is right for you. You and I have discussed donations from individuals and this doesn't seem comfortable to you yet. However, if you think you could get some extra funds for rubber and heels through clicks, why not do it?

As always, I fully support your dream - I admire your persistence and hope it will be realised.

D xxx

angryearthling said...

i browse often, it's a very good blog and occasionly comment.

no where on the front page does it say you want submissions or have a preference for emails... ask and you shall receive?

as for ads. no experience but if they help go for it.

Fuzzy said...

I'd recommend adding a custom theatre from AEBN.com to your side bar. The good people from AEBN will even make a template to your specifications, and you can fill it with films you like.

Busy latex/fetish blogs can turn a healthy profit every month from video referral sales.

saerdnab said...

I enjoying your page very much, it is very interesting and there are a lot of links i didn't know bevor.
E-Mails?... I have send you two mails last jear, i don't think it is your foult that you didn't see them. A lot of mails i recive, were fished out of the spam-filter.
One of them were about history of latex-wearing.
Greatings saerdnab

Knave said...

Love your blog, will certainly endeavour to post comments on a semi-regular basis. :)

jeandoll said...

One have contributed when one finds suitable stuff. Yourb blog is real treasuretrove on thi subject.
Lot of my googlings yeald lots of annoying pron sites of no interest


Kim Dench said...

Asudem, I think some of your blog fans would be glad to show their support through a donation in Second Life. How about setting up a donations box in SL, and let anyone who wants send you a few Lindens. Maybe, in time, it would add up to new heels? I would be glad to help you set this up, if you wish.

What do you reader think? Are you in Second Life, and would you consider donating in-world?

Anonymous said...

I seldom leave comments because I don't have much to say - I'm more of a watcher than a doer. But if you put some unobtrusive ads on, I would click on them every time I came here. :)

Liz Rees

Anonymous said...

Hi, sadly, I think that Google Ads can't be used on any site that has "adult content". Not sure how they define it but...

Dave said...

I just recently found your blog, but I do find it very interesting.

If you would prefer e-mails, I would gladly contact you that way.

And if you added links that helped generate funds to support your dreams, I'd click on them.