Wednesday, March 12, 2008

5.5 and upwards...

heel training is continuing as ever although not as fast as i'd like. i'm still not stuck even though i've been wearing them constantly since mid december last year. the 5's are pretty well flats to me now and i'm very good in them to the point that they're just 'normal'. in fact i feel weirdly shrunk when i am not in them which is just first thing in the morning and getting in and out of the bath. this is also where i noticed how arched the sole of my feet have become and that there's no pushing my foot flat. the arch is there and staying that way.

i have also been training in the basic yet classic styled 5.5 inch court shoes and they are gorgeous and make even my thick calfs look good but after a first couple of hours they become really painful to wear. i can see it will take some time to get used to them for any long term wearing. i wonder how long runway models take to get used to them?

since my Oxfords are also 5.5 inches i decided to start wearing those and switch back and forth and low and behold i discovered they were really so much easier to wear!! really its a massive difference and i can comfortably wear them for about 5 hours at a time without thinking about them with another couple of hours of increased soreness to the point i really need to swap back into the 5's.

i think its down too the fact that they offer full foot support where as the court shoes has all the pressure on one small area. after a week or so of daily wearing of the oxfords i discovered a 10 cent sized blister on my left foot which was caused by my overly aggressive lacing of the shoes. i had to curtail the training with only the occasional wearing of the 5.5 courts. the 6's i discovered in my loft which i had purchased all in one go with the other shoes i can barely get my feet into. actually i can get one foot into and the other only sort of. my toes do not bend at a 90 degree angle yet and maybe some time before they do...

my discovery that the oxfords are the way to go for heel training is a big bonus. however i am really hesitant in all this and its not that i don't want to be stuck in such amazingly high heels; its that when you reach 5 inch heels the selection of styles is about four or five max. most of which are variations on the court shoes sort of like the old saying about the first Ford cars - any color as long as its black.

so i proceed as ever to entrap myself in high heels through constant wearing and my mind is wandering how to take the basic style thats available at this heel height and make more interesting shoes.



Anonymous said...

Hi Asudem, good to see how well you are progressing. Are the pictures a selection of your collection?

Asudem Latex said...

not at all. i can post some photo's of my collection if anyones really interested. sadly all the mellissa's are low heeled so i'm not wearing them any more.

angryearthling said...

i'm in awe of a woman who would make such a commitment. how high a heel do you intend to settle on or do you see an ultimate goal?