Monday, March 03, 2008

part of the scenery

kindly submitted by blackice is a weird short video of a sculpture of a woman either emerging from a wall or being sucked into a wall. he stumbled upon it when displaying his geometric primitive at Brighton Science Festival which was held on this past weekend in an arts college.

no other information was provided but it may be of interest to some readers keen in formaphilia and sort of reminds me of the maze scene in very kinky Barbarella . which as a film probably had a deep impact on me when i was younger.



K-8 said...

I think she's just shy, and trying to hide... ;-)

Anonymous said...


are there more latex like sculptures out in the world?.
Tis My kind of art!

The Latex Bondage dolls of SL sat and watched Barberella together yesterday afternoon. A strange coincidence you should mention it today.

Anonymous said...

What happens in Barbarella in the maze? Are there living faces and hands in the walls??

blackice said...

If anyones wondering what Geometric Primitive actually is the finished video is now on youtube, even if it seems to mushed it up somewhat:


sick puppy said...

I remember too that scene in Barbarella and the reaction it had on me as a child...