Wednesday, March 12, 2008

a bigger Bratz

did you grow up wanting to be Barbie? well how about a Bratz? they're sort of a take on the super deformed large headed and super sized eyes thats also popular in japanese styling of manga.

did barbie have any influence on your dress sense in later years? well the MGA Bratz The Movie Funky Fashion Makeover Cloe on Amazon comes complete in glossy black pvc jeans and top. this toy is made to experiment with makeups and nail polish. though you only get enough for a few applications.

once you run out you'll have to start shopping for the real makeup and if you have the real thing then why apply it to yourself?

i wonder how long before the toy companies start making life sized Bratz that you can share your clothing with or vice versa even...?

still 'd love to get my hands on the Barbie mask made for this lottery commercial i made an entry on here .



Jovina said...

I just had to jump in here with some pictures:


and at the bottom of this page:


The mask was made by Kanakig and is still on his site here:




Cloe said...

I would most definitely like to be a Bratz. It's just so kewl!