Thursday, March 20, 2008

out in public

i've now heard back from Public Fetish Girls and they have kindly sent me some sample photo's for the blog which are bellow. overall i am still of the opinion that mixing and matching the latex or glossy clothes with normal clothes makes the best visual sense. i mean thats why the latex leggings have taken the fashionistas by storm.

they also took my offhanded comment about being one of their models seriously. well its something to think about now isn't it?



Shaz said...

yeah latex leggings look really awesome with softer clothes, those photos are really cool!

Anonymous said...

Asudem Latex, our esteemed hostess, said, among other things:

"overall i am still of the opinion that mixing and matching the latex or glossy clothes with normal clothes makes the best visual sense. "

I sort of agree with this. I'm not saying that all latex has to be of the catsuit or dollsuit variety, but...

If you're wearing the skin-tight body suit, at least in my opinion it should serve as a new "naked" or skin layer, meaning yes, some degree of normal clothing *can* go on over it. Not that I'd go crazy with it--no sense giving a lady doll heatstroke for her trouble.

But still...I see nothing at all wrong with breaking up the tight and shiny, be it lycra or latex, with different textures. It helps with emphasis.

Like with the lovely pic of the couture latex a few posts down....the 50s styled dresses in the material are a good thing, the drape lets some visual variety in so that the tight spots look better.

Just my plug nickel.

--Brad Poe

Fuzzy said...

Thanks for the nice post!

You know, I think the movement of latex into mainstream fashion benefits everyone. It definitely adds some glamour and shine to the mundane, but at the same time, seeing latex with a more fashion edge benefits fetishists as well, by increasing the variety of options available to us.

What's been exciting to see is the growing acceptance from our site members and fans for more everyday fashion latex. As a longtime latex webcam person, I can tell you it's a recent development. 4 years ago I'd have only had catsuit or latex lingerie requests, but now the options are much more varied, as are the fetishes. I'd call that progress indeed!

Keep up the good work.

Vive le tasteful latex!

SanderO said...

Some would argue that fetish and fashion can be married. I would say that the more it's mainstreamed, the less it is a fetish.

In a sense, fetish is defined as outside the norm. In the old use of the term people with "fetishes" were associated with those who had to have their fetish present to have successful sexual experience or some even used their fetish FOR their sexual experience. Today fetish is thought of more a a turn on you wear. One that anyone can wear, that is made from these unusual materials not associated with clothes which are usually tight stretchy and impermeable and very shiny. All of these are not usually associated with typical clothing, but any of them are seen in normal clothes at times.

When something becomes normalized and commoditized it can and often does lose its edge of appeal. Not at its introduction to the mainstream. In the introductory stages (the one we're in) the fetishists are having a blast because of the increase in options for gear and viewing.

As with body mods, the fad fades and the shock value subsides and it becomes mundane or expected almost like a uniform. The hard core advocates move to more extreme. The soft core ones move toward the fashion trend aspect of the "style". Then the marketers move in and adapt it for it attention and shock value, but they move on to the newest craze to stay ahead of the curve.

I like the fact that latex can be worn on the street and is available in what look like real clothes for those who are prepared to suffer the problems (cost) and care and comfort associated with latex so people can "get off" on it.. both the lookers and the wearers.

Oddly, I find the fashion latex is becoming sexy in a vanilla sort of way. It's appeal is it looks sexy but not especially fetishy any more.

This is much like the way all heels being high are considered sexy and others definitely look fetishy.

I never would have imagined 25 or 30 years ago, that rubber clothes would arrive at where they are today. Obviously lotsa people love em.