Saturday, March 15, 2008

before and after

i'm not one to read the celebrity trash magazines or those found at the check outs of super markets so i was really surprised with the before and after finding this collection of images of woman actresses without makeup.

apparently they are all normal people after all and their celebrity gloss is down to better hair stylists, makeup and photographers. so you can see why i am somewhat hesitant in producing less than professional looking photo's for my blog? especially if its me trying to take a photo of myself with a digital camera in a mirror. no no no... that won't do at all. i want a full on proper photoshoot that makes me look as good as any model or at least somewhere in between these before and after shots ;-)

don't worry though getting it done is on my new years resolution along with wearing latex from the waist down permanently from now on and sticking to a minimum of 5 inch heels and i've done that and much more since Jan 1st.

so i think the photo's should come out well enough but i won't know till i've done them.



SanderO said...

This image vs reality is interesting. There are some natural beauties that don't need stylists and tons of make up, a top photographer and lighting to look good.

I suppose it's fun to transform occasionally, but unless you are selling your image I wouldn't be too concerned. Beauty is also posture, movement, hands and so forth which can't be captured in a still image.

Anonymous said...

In addition...and I dislike being the cynical one here...

But, the thing with these supermarket magazines is, they really do have a *notorious* reputation for using Photoshop on their pics if it sells copy.

Meaning, yes, celebrities do look better all made-up and air-brushed, but...the "real person" pics might be questionable on some details. The pics might have been altered to make the people *look worse*.

For example. With the Callista Flockheart pics at the top of the post, look a bit more closely at the "real face" pic. I don't doubt that it's her, but...look carefully at the bags under the eyes.

Aren't they awfully *asymmetrical*? As in lopsided even? It almost looks like she has an "allergy black eye" on one side, or that her eye irritation got that bad on one side.

That could be down to timing, catching her with "her pants down" so to speak...or it could have been added in, tweaked in, after the fact. It *is* hard to believe that someone with allergies in *show business* like Ms. Flockheart would *let* her eye irritation get that bad. Surely she knows better. If she doesn't, others around her would.

So yeah, these are nifty pics, but consider the source. Maybe the "real person" pics are unflattering *by another's design*.

Just saying...

--Brad Poe

sylvrgirl said...

FWIW some people are more naturally photogenic than others. Of the three pictures you posted, Drew Barrymore just looks pissed in au natural pic, but she's still gorgeous.

That said, it is your blog and your comfort: go for the glam, dear!