Wednesday, March 19, 2008

he found one!

ok, so i'm behind with my updates as always: i have a stack of entries with titles, images or links just waiting to be rounded off and set to go live and here's one of those as you can tell from the date of the email:

Gary to asudemlatex
show details Feb 10 (9 days ago)

Hi Medusa, its me from Scotland again Garlor or Gary if I am not posting on IAR. I have been browsing the telegraph fashion show pages as you asked for . The outstanding person is Heather Meikle, she does stunning latex work and have a look at her website gallery at overt clothing.

sorry Gary it took so long, but its up now and thanks for taking the time to have a look and report back.

anyone else, feel free to email me on my profile address.

what this lovely collection does illustrate is that latex doesn't have to be a skin tight catsuit all the time. my day to day wear is my skinny jeans (which are loose in places) and my chocolate brown blouse with the slight poofy sleeves. i swap between the skinny jeans and my two different latex tights - the light pink ones in standard Libidex weight of latex and also the super thin black latex tights. i am getting tired of the blouse though and can't wait for my new order to arrive sometime this week or more likely next week.

even now i'm considering what to get next. maybe i need a latex designer as a sponsor? ;-)


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jeandoll said...

Pics looks nice, after you get trough.
Site itself has infuriating design.
Not everybody has fast connections