Tuesday, March 18, 2008

i think there's more in the series?

stylized fetish fashion shoot from where and when? it does have a certain feel of Helmut Newton too it doesn't it?



SanderO said...

My comment in the Janet Jackson thread would apply to this as well. I am not sure what they are selling here, but I suppose it could be just a fetish image or latex stockings.

I don't see anything terribly new here, but it's great that the production values of fetish images is right up there with the best done by Madison Avenue.

They do make BDSM so pretty don't they? And I suppose this eases the way in for all those lovely vanilla players when they see that BDSMers not all fuglies.

But when you go to a BDSM club... you do see the fuglies... doncha?

sylvrgirl said...

A hint of the Helmut, I agree.

You might want to hit http://www.sffetishball.com/ and register to check out the event pictures. I don't think anyone snapped me, but there are lots of pretties!