Saturday, March 08, 2008

latex rainwear archive and blog

on my "to buy list" for the last nine months or so is a latex version of a short pvc styled rain coat which i sure i blogged about in an earlier entry. i'm still working my way to the point that i am comfortable wearing latex so overtly in public so coat keeps slipping from my order right now list.

deep glossy back PVC rain coat were definately in all the fashion magazines last year and with that in mind it wasn't a leap to consider having one myself and i even went so far as getting costings done by my far eastern latex maker. its all very do-able but i have delayed it yet again for my next order as i've already put a largish order in back in mid february which i'm waiting on now.

maybe i need to sponsor or something, though thats another entry for another time. ;-)

what inspired me to do this entry is the find of a rapidly expanding archive of both latex and pvc rainwear at The Raingear and Rubberboots Gallery but also the new site by 3xl entitled unsurprisingly Fetish Rainwear/. the gallery does have some photo's of the almost mythical acquo bootsas the photo above illustrates.

here's how they introduce themselves:

Welcome to the fetish rainwear weblog by Latex Kitty & 3xL, a rainwear and latex loving couple living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We as a couple are quite experienced in the latex fetish realm, but when it comes to fetish rainwear, rain coats and capes we actually consider our selfs as beginners.

3xL about rainwear:
I'm best known for my long running latex fetish weblog, but actually I liked rainwear before latex. I first got in contact with rainwear in my early teens, an experience which slowly developed into a fetish. Today, I'm building up a collection of rainwear. My favorite style is vintage gentleman's raincoats made from shiny black rubber (SBR).

Latex Kitty about rainwear:
I love to wear rainwear, both, out in public and for play.The first time I got in a fetish relayed contact with rainwear, was as I met 3xL. Since back then, my interest and fascination about rainwear is growing and going its own way. I especially like vintage rainwear fashions from the 60'ties and 70'ties, like the Danish Børmax.

Our weblog is a journal of our explorations in the wonderful world of fetish rainwear!

Rubber regards

Latex Kitty & 3xL

and there's a movie on youtube of Latex Kitty wearing it in public bellow.


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