Sunday, March 08, 2009

and more new shoes!

i splurged last week and bought a new pair of black patent shoes with 5" heels. my wedges are really starting to show their age and about to be dumped in the trash. thankfully when i realised how good they were i bought two more pairs as they were 'in' so i'll simply switch over to one of those. actually considering seeing if i can mail one of the pairs to a latex designer to see if they can be latex coated and thus become latex boots.

in the meantime i've started to break these in. they're not a classic stiletto but a modern take on them with a large toe box which makes them more stable to wear and walk in.

oh and celebs are wearing them so they must be ok. not too sure who kimberley stewart is but she's wearing them in the photo. appears to be some blonde mode type.

they have certain business feel too them so they'll go well with my work wear and longer slacks i wear to pretty well hide most of the shoes.

meanwhile i've been re-introduced to my 5.5 inch patent black oxfords at the repeated prodding by Bridget - a second life friend and i must say they're way easier to walk in that the 5.5 court shoes. i happily managed the entire week in them so 5.5s with support (which is what the oxfords provide make it much easier to be in the higher heels.

and i think its time to step up to the higher heel challenge and wear them more often.


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Jonathan said...

Kimberly Stewart = Rod Stewart's daughter