Monday, March 16, 2009

dirty dirty boots

this isn't a new fetish i've developed though i do have a feeling i spotted such a yahoo group at somepoint in my travels.

rather its something i noticed after wearing the thigh high 5 1/2" heeled latex boots from Poland via German Ebay. they weren't covered with mud or anything - far worse. the are made from molded latex and they had not been pre-washed before attached to the heeled base.

so why is this worse?

well it seems the molded latex manufacturing process leaves a trail of caustic goo on the latex. i used to have to wash the Denbar Rubber a lot - like 5+ times - before it was safe to wear.

and here i spend close to 100 euro's on boots and notice they're coated both inside an out with this vile residue.

maybe my skin is more sensitive than most but after three different occasions where chemical residue from chinese latex kept me up all night with random gnat like itch bites then you can understand my reaction.

so i started to wash them in the sink. on the fourth wash with just plain soap - this is what the residue was like.

apologies for the bad cellphone image but thats all i have to hand. you can definitely see what crud remains on just one boot!

when i started washing which starts with a soak in warm water, followed by a lathering with soap, let sit for 20 min then a rinse, the results were far far murky - almost the color of custard cream mixed with bath water after a really good defoliation.

i think they need a few more washes still..


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