Friday, March 13, 2009

the new secondlife me

it was something that i was working towards and finally another large step was taken in the last week or so.

after spending about two months as a latex mannequin with a suit that almost exactly matched my amazing real life one made by Fantastic Rubber (and a lot of SL'ers were asking about it) and created in world by Powers of Creation, i purchased a doll suit by HybridZ and locked into it.

not just one lock, but every element of the outfit including a the faceless inflatable hood with the dreads/ponytail. it combined with the wind up doll key i was wearing with the mannequin catsuit, i am pretty well powerless and under Miss JaneDoe's control.

no im's if she pleases, no voice, no movement, at her utter beck and call and that includes being tp'd and locked onto doll stands or tube. so if i don't respond please know i'm not being rude, its just i can't. so best to email me.

part of me is totally sickened and demeaned by it and another part of me finds it incredibly and utterly hot. not just about the outfit but the loss of so much control and my own Second Life identity in the process.

now i have made a list, done some searching on google and ebay's and i now for sure that that entire outfit can be remade and worn in real life....



Anonymous said...

sometimes its a shame you cant move about..

visiting places in sl is half the fun.

but i know your most dedicated ..and thats good.


Asudem Latex said...

i can be so somewhat of a wallflower when it comes to getting about. i think partly i've been put off it as i seem to crash pretty well every second time i tp.

SL is really made for PCs and on the mac is just a second thought.


Anonymous said...

Hello, wonderful suit. I am also locked into a HybridZ suit, there Latex Confinement Suit Black. My Miss was one who locked me into and has activated the Isolation feature, I see no names, can't send or receive IM's(only from Miss) and most of my other features are disabled. I love the suit. You can find me hanging on suits rack at Stone N Rubber in SL.

Innex Wasp(SL screen name)

Anonymous said...

what is the point? I log into SL to wander about, build, sometimes shop and talk to people NOT to sit in a room staring at myself sit in a room.
Objectification is fun in groups but for anything longer.. and alone.. Such a waste of time if you ask me.