Sunday, March 01, 2009

something i forgot to mention....

looking back i really had planned on making a post about it and then i wasn't sure if i could really do it so i kept at it and totally forgot to write about it.

i'm like that in a lot of ways. just get on and do it and not make a fuss about it till i know its working and i've gotten somewhere with it.

what is it you ask?

well i bought a black queen sized duvet cover back in November, and it arrived early December. its been on my bed ever since then so that makes it three months now or a quarter of the year that i've been sleeping in latex.

like those stacked high heels that claim to be 5's and are more like 3 1/2, thats not technically 100% right. there's blankets and sheets between me and the black latex duvet, so i'm not utterly sleeping in latex.

still its major progress and means with a bit of mental arithmetic that its close to 22 hrs in latex most days. other days its closer to 16 given that i'm not being overt in wearing it when i'm in the office.

i was hoping to borrow a friends digital camera to get some photos of it but they flaked as they tend too. image or two when i get the camera. (now added above)



Anonymous said...

Digital cameras are cheap as poo. And most cell phone have them too. It's been years and not a single photo of anything and all the best made plans seem to vaporize. I have a few digital cameras I don't use. You can have one. Tell me where you want to take delivery.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics, looking forward to more in the future! :)

Asudem Latex said...

given a choice between latex and a camera i'll always go for the latex.

or shoes!