Saturday, March 14, 2009

so he said to me...

a friend introduced me a guy she knows very well on Yahoo Messenger who has the interesting hobby of mailing lingerie to women he knows on the internet. he's offered me items but as i'm so picky and now totally biased towards latex, i held off his kind offer but an idea did come to me which we discussed.

and it was why lingerie? why not latex like leggings? even target has them on sale. he could buy them in bulk or wholesale.

or better yet, one of the really good molded latex companies, maybe that brazilian one and get classic knee length skirts or latex stockings and send those out.

i'm waiting for him to get back to me..


1 comment:

Ingrid Breck said...

tell him if he wants to send me talex tooI will wear it for him, lol.