Saturday, March 21, 2009

a great story

and a kinda author phantomdotexe on deviant art that has given me permission to share it with you all here:

Shahra, the Latex Genie

My legs were there, even with the thick layer of rubber enclosing them. I just couldn't SEE them anymore. Not that it mattered - everything about a foot below my waist had already vanished beneath the thick, soupy layer of... well, you know. I was having trouble moving my fingers, now - the gloves were melting together, forming one thick mitten. I fell to the floor, and started to hyperventilate...


Oh, I'm sorry. I know how much you must want to get to the good part, but it won't make much sense until I explain my situation first. My given name had been Calina. Well, it still IS my given name, but I'm used to being called Shahra.
This debacle began - oh, I don't know how long ago. Time evades me. It mustve been 1828, 1829 - I forget the exact date. I was busy with my studies in the Ottoman Empire. I remember the time quite well, at least, since Champollion had just declared his research on the Rosetta Stone complete.

I was more than happy to be on Jean-Francois's journey. To be honest, I think the only reason he let me along was becasue he wouldn't be distracted by me. My breasts weren't large - judging by these newfangeld standards, must've been a large B cup - and I wasn't exceptionally fit. I was known to indulge myself now and then.

We were on our way back from Egypt, having spent some time researching this 'Queen Rubberia' woman. Quite odd, hm? An undiscovered pharoah with such an odd name? We thought it exceptionally odd, but when we got there, the locals seemed to profess no knowledge of this 'lost pharoah's tomb, and intentionally swayed us away towards other ruins.
We had just stopped for a layover in Istanbul. We had a day or two before we set sail for Italy, and I took the time to explore the city. Quite nice, quite nice. You should go there sometime. The Ottoman Empire's seen better days, of course, and -

What? What do you mean, "They fell"?
What's all this "World War" business?
You'll have to catch me up later. Allow me to finish my story, my liege.

Ahem. Well, I found this quaint little store near the so-called "Peddler's Palace" in the south. It was the very stuff I dreamt of. The fez, the old statues - the lot of them all seemed like the perfect items for me. I took a chance, and frittered away a good portion of my allotted funds on a few things I thought interesting.
Most important, however, was the oil lamp. It was made of some undecipherable black material, and it was stick to the touch. There wasn't a stain on it, despite its apparent age.

"20 lira."
I was confused. "That's all?"
"It'll come back to me. Always does. Someone always buy it. Other person always return next day. Grandfather had it. Never sold it for long."

The story was odd, but the value and sharp features were unquestionable. I paid the owner, grabbed my items, and ran back to my room as fast as I could. Once there, I spread out my belongings on the table and stared at the oil lamp. It was black, as I said, but there was something engraved on the side - something that looked quite a bit like writing. I knew no Arabic, but was curious nonetheless. I took my handkerchief and wiped it a few times -

***And I was surprised by the strangest figure. I was practically knocked out my chair as the lamp sprung to life. I'd heard the old Mideastern legends of genies in bottles and lamps, of course, but no real researcher gives them any credit.
That's what I thought at least.

A woman was in front of me - I think. I couldn't tell her ethnicity - her skin was very dark and her hair pitch-black. She was strikingly beautiful, but her eyes gave off a palpable sense of anxiety or frustration.

"You have summoned Shahra, genie of the Black Lamp. I now grant you thr-"
She stopped mid-sentence.
"Erm. I meant one wish. One."


"You heard me. I know you know the stories. Everyone knows the stories. So go ahead, make two wishes. Just don't wish for more wishes. Or world peace."

I licked my lips. I was petrified! And yet, I felt my body rave with excitement. The hairs on my back stood on end, my breath grew heavy, and I felt sweat begin to form all over my body. My stomach and below it began to grow warm.

"You don't have all day. One minute. Then I'm gone."
I was tempted to protest, that I should have as much time as I needed - but I wasn't willing to go up against this genie.
That's when I noticed something strange about her. Her hair was to her shoulders and her skin dark, but other than that, almost all of her body was covered in a thick, black substance - much like conventional rubber. I could see the outlines of her, but everything from her knees down seemed to melt into a black trail that led back to the lamp. She was stunning.
Her body radiated sexuality. Her perfect hourglass figure, her breasts -

Her breasts. Her body.
I'll admit, I was jealous. And I was rushed, anyway. I couldn't help it. I know, it seems terribly silly and selfish, now, but I just had really no time to think.

"Forty seconds left."

"I wish I had your body!" I blurted out.
The woman - ostensibly named Shahra - smiled. The grin went from ear to ear, and I felt like I had eased her immensely.
She snapped her fingers.

I immideately felt my body shift. I clenched at my chest. It was almost as though I was having a heart attack.
I coughed violently, but when I stopped, I looked down - my breasts were huge. They must've been D-cup, probably E-cup. It had felt a bit like they were physically inflated. This was no mirage or hallucination.
"What's going on....?" I asked weakly. My breasts continued to grow, bursting out of my linen shirt and sending buttons rolling to the ground. I dropped to my knees and tried to pick them up, and felt my chest squeeze against the ground. It was a fantastic sensation.
"I'm granting your wish. Du-uh."
"Oh, and your waist, too."
At once, breathing began to become more difficult. I knew what corset felt like - I had donned one for the Glitter Club's Ball once, yes. This was... magical. Somewhat comfortable, somewhat uncomfortable - it squeezed my stomach. My hands uselessly tried to undo the phantasmal laces and straps as it tigtened around my waist.
I couldn't see myself in the mirror, but I could guess how I felt. My waist, compressed by the magic corset, was now noticeably smaller than my bottom - a perfect hourglass figure.

"Look at you. There."
I looked down at myself (a bit difficult to see past my chest, now at a big E-cup or small F-cup) and saw my tight waist. I looked... well, I'd been somewhat attractive before, but my body had kept me from being more than simply 'there'. I felt... alll right - but I knew I looked fantastic.

"And now, we finish things up. Thank you again, whatever-your-name-was."

In the blink of an eye, the black rubber covering Shahra had dissappeared, retracted back to the lamp. Her legs appeared from beneath the magical veil, and she touched to the ground gracefully.

"What - why did -"
"Because you're getting your wish. All of it."

Everything was going so fast. Before I knew what was happening, that same magical rubber coating was streaking back out of the lamp - and onto ME.
I was already having trouble breathing from the corset. I scarecely had time to react before it had come all the way up to past my waist and up to my chest. Similarly, it formed onto my arms, streaking up to my shoulders, giving it the appearance of opera gloves.

"Shahra, what's happening? I didn't wish for this!"
"Yes, you did. You wished for my body. You got it. You got my perfect boobs, waist, and skin."
She was right. My pallky complexion was slowly smoothing out into a shiny, silk bronze.
"Now I get yours. I get your freedom."

She walked over to my suitcase and began looking for vestements to cover her still naked body.
Sharha turned around again. "And you get to take my place as the Rubber Genie."

"Wait - no! No! Stop! Whaat...."
I couldn't move anymore. I shrieked aloud as the magical coating squeezed past my breasts, tightly encasing them behind the layer of rubber.
The opera gloves seemed to begin to solidify, leaving only my shoulders and the top of my neck uncovered.
My breasts seemed to have stopped expanding when the tight, silky rubber covered them up.
My legs were there, I was sure. I could still FEEL them, mind you. I just couldn't SEE them anymore. Not that it mattered - everything about a foot below my waist had already vanished beneath the thick, soupy layer of... well, you know. I was having trouble moving my fingers, now - the gloves were melting together, forming one thick mitten. I fell to the floor, and started to hyperventilate.

Everything was so warm and tight, I was sure I was going to pass out.
"Don't worry. Your body just needs to adjust. You don't need to breathe or eat if you don't want to. Just let the rubber caress you. It's your new home, after all."

I stared at her, words escaping me. "Don't look at me like that. You wished for this. A similar thing happened to me, too - that's how I got into that bind. Like, I'm sure someone'll go along and make a similar wish."
Shahra walked over to me as I lay on the floor. The layer trailed from my legs to the lamp, still on the floor.

"Actually," she said, "I never got my three wishes when I first found the lamp. Let's see... my first was for - what was it? Wealth? Power? I'm sure it was something great..."

She began to trail off. I thought it my chance to get back at her. I stumbled to my knees, and lunged at my captor -

and fell to my chest, sending pulses down my spine.

"Nice try," Shahra said. "Anyway, my second wish was for long life and eternal youth. And you see how that turned out."
Shahra sent me a toothy smile. I panicked again.

"Ah... my last wish. I could spend it on myself, but I've already got a timeless, perfect body, as well as whatever my other fantastic wish was. So I suppose I'll just let you have the last one."

I stood to my knees to protest, but she walked over and waved her hand.
"I never got to have any raunchy fun when I was genie. All that latex and rubber smothering my body, and nobody to have fun with? How boring.

Yes, I know. This is a very wordy and un-sexy story with a lot of turn-off moments. Don't blame me. Blame the sea.

"I wish the new Rubber Genie could be bound and pleasured - forever."

Shahra waved her hand near my crotch, and I screamed and groaned as I felt a thick protrusion fire into me. It seemed to almost swell and undulate, each time sending my hair on end and shivers down my spine. This was unbearable.
I tried to get to my feet, but simply slipped. My legs were forced together anyway, and I couldn't walk as I shook.

Suddenly, my gloves, mittened hands moved. I felt another warm sensation as the latex encasing my arms and my stomach melted together, sealing me in a warm embrace.
My magical encasement quickly expanded to fill every nook and cranny - especially the crannies. It massaged my nipples, which stood up and began to echo the delicious tingling sensation.

I didn't want it, but it was so hard to resist - I quickly became very wet indeed as I wriggled helplessly on the floor, moaning and groaning. The rubber encapsulated my honey pot, stimulating me as it rushed around it and tightened itself.
The protrusion pulsated, and I felt my heart race. I tingled and squirmed at Shahra's feet, my back arched and bottom moist.

Shahra didn't say a word as she grabbed me from the floor and raised me to her height. She leaned me forward and I somewhat fell onto her. I couldn't tell, and I didn't mind.
Her milky-smooth fingers gently opened my mouth and she lowered my somewhat limp jaw onto her glistening bronze teat. My tounge instinctively went to work.

I don't want to give you too many details, save that it lasted for some time. She seemed to have gotten off from it all, and she lowered me back onto the floor.

"Well. Wasn't that fun for us, hm, slave? It's been soooo long since I got anything." I was still in a world of ecstasy, my suit slowly flowing and rocking me, keeping my heart up and my area on the absolute verge of orgasm.

"Unfortunately, it's time for me to leave. I can't stay here all day, cradling and rocking you." I yelled in protest, but she grabbed the latex that had encircled my neck like a collar and pulled it up my neck, past my mouth and nose. I was essentially silenced, though my groans of envy and pleasure still could be heard.

"Oh, shut up. You're perfectly bound up, encased in prison, and infinitely pleasured. What more can you want?"

I almost cried as the reality dawned on me. And try as I would, the magical rubber kept me at bay - I couldn't orgasm.

"That's about all, I suppose. I'll just run off with your belongings. No use letting them go to waste, right, SHAHRA? That's your new name. That's what it says on the lamp, at least."

I couldn't find anything to say. Words escaped me, and my vision got blurry. My entire body was being stimulated beyond my control. I drooled in a blur of pleasure, and the suit squeezed my breasts again. It was forming around my nigh-permanently erect nipples.

A second thick rod squeezed itself into my mouth. It was mostly tasteless, but it was extremely slick. I sucked and coddled it awkwardly.

"Thanks again for taking over. And..."
With that, she rubbed the lamp again, and I was forcefully drawn back into my prison.

And with that, I felt my body drawn into the lamp. The slick magic effects finally enclosed me, giving me just enough consciousness to wriggle around and groan every now and then - but never orgasm. You wouldn't know what it's like, being kept at the very edge of cum, but with your orifices covered and blocked to no end.
The days quickly turned to months and years - they seemed to fly by, with me barely even realizing the flow of time as the lamp refused to let up..

But I knew someday someone would find the lamp and release me. And give me release.

And if I was in a bad mood, I'd pass it along to them, too.


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hanzoushinrei said...

Still hasn't lost its charm, even though I've read it countless times...

Anonymous said...

Oh, you don't really need more of my encouragement, do you 'sudes?

Asudem Latex said...

not me - the author of the story.