Saturday, March 07, 2009

a perfect poem for dolls

as found on Dollification Forum and written by terra (aka SpooKy GiRL aka Hell Kitty). do visit her myspace page here and her music myspace page here. used with permission.

Doll Parts

Placed upon your alter, there I was spread.
Given new meaning by the whispers in my head.

Forget who you were and where you are from.
You will be pleased with what you become.

All that I was is slowly stripped away.
Given new flesh as I'm taught to obey.

This is your purpose, we pull the strings.
Made of doll parts and dirty things.

My identity gone, I've lost all control.
Now this submission is all that I know.

You are an object, you are a slave.
You will bow down and you will behave.

I serve my owner as any doll should.
The self is gone within this hood.
Adjust my new skin for a perfect fit.
No more thoughts, I can only submit.


do write to her to say how good it is.


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