Saturday, March 28, 2009

latex, dolls and transformations

are all to be found on the stylized comics of hanzoushinrei.

here's one of the sequences i liked (used with permission):

Sisterhood 1 by ~hanzoushinrei on deviantART

"After graduating from her nursing college, she finally gets to trade her billowy blue-and-white nursing student uniform to a full staff nurse uniform in the Anwyn General Hospital.

I would say that she looks immaculate in that white dress, but then again, the only thing that would make my servants truly beautiful is - Latex.

She was just making her way to her place of work, when I conjured a pitch black latex portal which swallowed her whole. I loved that expression she made when she realized that her world has suddenly became pitch black.

She was just on her way on becoming my next servant just like her sister."

Sisterhood 2 by ~hanzoushinrei on deviantART

"She indeed did not expect that she was going to be floating in a magical latex dimension without being slowly consumed by it, did she?

My heart began to jump as her transformation started...the warm blackness slowly enveloping her..."

Sisterhood 3 by ~hanzoushinrei on deviantART

Sisterhood 4 by ~hanzoushinrei on deviantART

Realm Of The Mistress by ~hanzoushinrei on deviantART

Finally. Finally you have arrived at your new home, Julia.

I am Sayella. I shall shower you with love and affection that is even stronger than that of yours to your sister Shawna.

I was, I used to be a slave like you. This permanent mouthpiece that my former master used has magically sealed my mouth from any words, and my hands can never be out of reach from my neck, face and bosoms. I-wanted so hard to pleasure myself but master used this clever shackles to keep my hands away from what's rightfully his. My eyes, my glowing amethyst eyes were also magically sealed-I tried to take them off countless times but the threads on the magic shackles shorten everytime I tried to do so.

But that was a long time ago.

Under my servitude, I have learnt to converse without usiing my mouth, and to see without my eyes. And you, darling Julia, will be taught by me when the time comes. For now I shall deprive you from all senses save the sense of touch, which is amplified tenfold.

Shawna, she will regain memories of a sister that no longer exist. However-if you wish-Shawna can join you too in this servitude. Her weak mind shall make it far easier for me to control. But, it is you to decide.....


Oh slave of mine, you still think you have choices. Silly.


do check out all of the illustrations and writing of hanzoushinrei's on deviantart. there's a great new series about a washing machine that eats people and well - washes them...

a more light hearted one (as we all love black latex but it can get repetitive) is this:

Taking Efa For A Walk by ~hanzoushinrei on deviantART

do visit the page and leave compliments.



Anonymous said...

that is a sexy piece of art..

jeandoll said...

This artist is one thet I follow in Devianart (even I hate way site works) even bit simple, art is relly cool