Saturday, March 14, 2009

top fetish model now has a

this post is really really really late and i apologize profusely to black ice in Brighton who both did the act and took the photo bellow at Torture Garden Valentines at Mass in Brixton (yes its that late).

so what did he do? well i had sent him a small stack of magnetic dollsrealm cards and told them to pass them out to VIPs and any dolls he sees or shoots. i'm pretty sure the blue doll has one as well as Libidex.

this case he wrote there were no 'obvious dolls' at Torture Garden but he did give one to internationally famous jet setting fetish model Kumi Monster and then grabbed a snap of her with David TG in the DJ booth on said event.

if i ever get caught up with the backlog of entries i should send her an email and see if she's had a chance to look at the blog.


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