Saturday, March 14, 2009

lack of choice

in high heels is really starting to annoy me. don't get me wrong; i do love the look and what they're doing to my feet and their arches. its just that once you get past 4"s the selection and companies making them start to dwindle down to just a hand few. i was really lucky to find the new 5"s which are just about broken into now.

on one side you have the really cheap made in China heels like Pleasers which are fine but suffer from basic construction and only synthetic material then no middle ground at all until you hit the top end like Gucci and other european designers. which as you know do cost a lot and are best really to buy on sale if they still have them in you size.

here's a couple of videos of 60's style thigh boots in red which are gorgeous. sadly very low heels and well i'm doing my best to keep to 5"s now. with my new AV and latex identity in Second Life i feel its time to break out the ballet boots and start to learn how to wear them and then eventually walk in them.

there's just so many scrumptious shoes out there and to be restricted to Pleaser's brand (or eXcite) would suck even if they're 5"s or higher. i mean double chocolate fudge ice cream is a wonderful flavor but to be stuck with that for life - and thats what can happen with extreme heel wearing - is just a bit depressing. its a big decision and i'm not ready to commit that far yet - though i will faithfully keep at it for now.

my arches are definitely really pronounced now and if i am in heels less than 5" for more than a couple of hours then the back of my calfs and thighs all the way up to my bum hurts. its a sign that i'm heading that way into the heel trap of shortened tendons. 

i feel its going to have to go onto my 'list' which i may have mentioned here before and for sure had chats about it on YIM and SL to friends.

feel free to imagine what the list is and what it would mean until i decide to bare more.



Roen said...

Being stuck with just Pleaser and the really expensive brands does suck. Hopefully as fetish and kink starts to creep into mainstream fashion, we might start to see higher heels start to come into the mainstream as well. I'll keep my eyes open and let you know if I see anything.

blackice said...

Hi Asudem

I've sent an email to Tony about how to make these. I figure the best way is start with the short little gardening wellies which aren't rubber but a form of PVC. There's a few on ebay for about 8£.

If those work then he has a new product and can try high wedges.

I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

While Pleasers (and their two presumably smaller yet similar contemporaries, Ellie's and Highest Heel) are to be commended for making fetish-y footwear affordable, the net effect HAS regrettably been driving the competition out of business. As expected in such a business model, they all for the most part stopped expanding their offerings with any meaningful new product once they felt they had little reason to take chances with their place in the industry secure.
To their credit for the money Pleasers is a huge value, very consistently sized (if it's a boot with a one piece plastic platform sole, they're always a size too small though) and seems to have a great drop ship from their warehouse program which encourages ebay sellers to all cut each others' throats to see who will sell cheaper. I'm a consumer, so kill me!
While the little shoe boxes of the world sure cobbled some CFM icons, not many of us could kick down 3 to 5 bills to regularly satisfy the HH boot jones even in the days when we thought we'd always have excess cash.... though you have to try it once to see the difference.