Monday, March 16, 2009

speaking of boots

i do like heels, though i do find they're not very practical as the heel hight passes 5 inches. what i'd really like i a wedge boot in latex with a 5" heel.

does anyone have the sense to make them? i've not seen them.

i had this clever ideas of getting my cork wedges and having them 'bootified' by a latex designer or even a specialist cobbler. not too sure how that would work in practical terms. maybe just the use the sole and build the boot up from there?

post a comment or email me links please if you can help.


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Anonymous said...

there are a pair of open toe high heel wedge boots in Lady Ga Ga's video "poker face" .they are seen for first time when she is dancing next to pool in the blue outfit . Also she comes out of the pool in the begining of the video in a partial catsuit that sheds water like latex but looks fairly thick .
good luck !