Friday, March 13, 2009

spilling into a mainstream audience

a few weeks ago i noticed a big jump in my daily hits. it went from an average of 2,200 per day to close to 4,000. i couldn't figure out why until i tracked back where it came from withthe very handy StatCounter.

it seems i'm making it into a wider non fetish audience thanks too the eagle eyes at and their section called Shiny-shiny. the entry they picked was the one about High Gloss Dolls. so i go back just now to check it before i incorporate it into this entry and find its not there at all and that the category is filled with different entries.

however i am wondering if its a one-off and do a search for the month of february and find two entries. and in the last week they liked Hell Kitty's perfect poem for dolls.

so someone official is watching and they like the blog...

while i've not been invited for a photo shoot or flown free of charge to London to attend a fetish ball, or been quoted in a mainsteam newspaper or magazine even. the interest in this fetish culture is expanding with La Weekly doing a piece on sexy broken robots.

thanks to truebigheadstu for that find.


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batvette said...

Your comment at the LA Weekly page was the most relevant. About Thierry's Robot suit, I'm surprised the only film clip I've seen is a very bad quality piece on youtube at the haute couture show it was debuted at, I mean so bad you can hardly see it. I'd love to see some behind the scenes coverage of it. Like what the individual parts look like, was it made for a certain model, if so was she excited to wear it or dreaded the experience, blah blah blah. (since I can't have it I want to know all about it anyway!)