Monday, March 23, 2009

one point four million hits!

WOW is all i can say.

its built up and continues to rise with each passing week. i now have about 2,500-3,400 hits per day from both regulars and new visitors coming from all around the world.

i'm so much further along then when i first thought of doing the blog and when TSG encouraged me to wear my latex panties on daily basis and started me out on my now well developed heel and boot fetish. there are others along the way and several people in second life for sure that have helped bring things out of me i wasn't really even aware i had.

i thank them all deeply for it as i continue to push forward with 'the list' once far in the distance, now visible with the naked eye.

almost to the end of march now and one example of my progress is that its four months sleeping with a latex duvet cover in thick heavy black latex... as it warms up the other sheets and blankets will come off leaving me sleeping with that and not much else.

these goals and impossible dreams of latex 24/7 are no where near impossible, as in some cases i've reached them and now just need to refine them so they are more enveloping.

i do wonder where i'll be when i reach 2 million hits.



Anonymous said...

Congrats! It has been a fascinating journey so far! May many more adventures and experiences occur!

Kim said...

Well done! You have made such progress, and things that were impossible a year ago are now everyday life for you. You are getting there, doll!