Sunday, March 01, 2009

better save those videos

i was looking for a quick and easy entry in my blogger bookmark folder and having just written two rather long entries and i wanted a quick and easy entry that only required me to write a sentence or two and decided upon a saved youtube link.

i went through about 5 or 6 i had saved and none of them were there anymore. all removed due to TOS etc.

so i do suggest if you have clips you like then do save them when you can as they might not be there next time you look.

there's several plug-ins for Firefox as well as online services that will do it, though from past experiences these can jam up and not be usable at certain times of the days.



Anonymous said...

i have done it every time. if you use explorer you can use the latest real-player. when you watch a movy thre will be a small sing over the movy, click it and you have it on your pc.very clever is the safary- explorer from apple, works also on windows. thter is a trick, you have to click the arrow under activities.
greeting andreas

batvette said...

AFAIK (or can tell) there was a lot of issues due to clip owners disregarding music copyrights and just taking whatever song they wanted and making it their soundtrack. Youtube clamped down and started nixing the soundtracks all over their collections, I would assume if you have seen videos disappearing the clip owners either reposted them with appropriate music and they were given new IDs, or the owners pulled them altogether rather than have YOutube's rather accusatory tag appear on them. I doubt there has been any movement of censorship of fetish content or they've run out of server space. If they have room for hundreds of Ted Crusty disaster parody clips they should have room for anything.
(no insider info or official explanation for what you describe, but I'm over there a rather embarrassing number of hours a week for a 47yo viewing AND posting comments, and saw this trend growing hugely of late)