Tuesday, March 24, 2009

thrall's now enthralled

i was really happy when i read Thrall's more recent entry on her blog entitled great adventure begins. she's finally dipped her toe into real hypnosis after writing such amazing mind control stories. like me she has a sharp and very active mind which puts up all sorts of blocks with trancing.

or so she thought...

after some trials and errors with the PC hypno program and wondering if it was her or if it was all just plain not working she wrote:

Holy. Fucking. Shit. They did it, folks. They totally did it. It's like they built the biggest, baddest battering ram they could and just slammed right past my mental gatekeeper, straight into my subconscious, and then headed directly toward my favorite buttons and started pushing. Hard. I

'm sure some of you have read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and will be familiar with this description of what it feels like to drink a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster: "like having your brains smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick." Yep, that's pretty much what I experienced.

I just sat there, sagging in my chair, leaning closer and closer to the swirling screen, watching the subliminals pop in and out all over the fricking place and only catching a handful of them before they disappeared, feeling my mind melt and my body...well, I think I'll keep that bit to myself. ;-)

more is revealed in her follow on post at The Queen's Thrall blog. 

its really worth reading if you have even an ounce of interest in hypnosis. go there immediately if like me you've not had any luck with hypnosis and are totally jealous for those who not only do - but can also immersive themselves in their hypnotic fantasies on daily basis. i feel i would want to work through the list HypnoMaster D explains whats possible and have a deep embedded command to see and feel myself with latex skin permanently.

so its appearing that all the characters of her own stories she can now live out thanks to Lady Ru'etha who is a very skilled hypnodomme famed for her The Realm of Bliss Podcast. Lady Ru'etha now has a new play thing and i think they'll both enjoy their time exploring the possibilities.

Lady Ru'etha's has also started her podcasts again after a years absence along with the launch of a couple of entrancing CD/MP3 products. the episodes are not very long (about 20 min each) and very much worth listening too when you have the chance. she also has The Realm of Bliss Podcast Yahoo Group to discuss the podcasts.

do check out Realm Podcast 1.23: Fetish Clothing and Hypnosis / 1.24 collars when you visit.



WinterRose said...

I am particularly proud of that first robotizing session. I really should write the second part sometime soon. Perhaps I'll be inspired after the Frolicon convention after easter. I know my sister (unrelated) Ru'Etha wanted to get some studio time in soon. Hopefully when I have a day off now that we live within a mile of one another. -_0


Asudem Latex said...

good, good

as VH is all pc based, would you two consider just doing the script as an mp3?


Anonymous said...

Hey, Asudem, this is the first time I've commented, even though I've been coming to this site frequently for a little less than a year, now. I was just wondering if you did make, or have made for you, a Virtual Hypnotist file that makes your skin permanently feel like latex, if you would put the script on your wonderful web page. I (and I'm sure many other visitors) would love to share your experience and the blissful feeling of feeling like a permanent latex doll.I've personally had success with Virtual Hypnotist with a temporary doll script. Keep up the awesome site. And please keep sharing your experiences with us.