Sunday, March 01, 2009

cutting edge latex fashions are virtual

when i first entered Second Life i had this clever idea - well to me anyway - to use it as a way to re-enforce my real life latex wearing. i do my best to match Second Life latex designs to my real life ones or vice versa.

i can't really tell if it worked. certainly my goal of being able to wear latex 24/7 is rapidly approaching.

in Second Life i certainly do have a bit of a wardrobe that matches my real latex including the more recent Fantastic Rubber mannequin catsuit which has been expertly made in Second Life by Kai at POC. he's also done the classic HW Design clear heart shaped hood i now proudly own which makes me look like so many other fetish models.

if you want to catch up and see what virtual latex and BDSM restraints there are in-world then do catch up on all the entries at Second Life Fashion and make sure you go back to the start and read from there. you'll be really surprised what's being created.

it should also hit home that its a really really kinky place with all sorts of impossible fetishes being explored. for example you really need considerable dedication to be a plush suit wearer imho, but in SL to be a puppy or a kitty its very easy and you don't get fake fur everywhere while sewing it together. 

now i'm still waiting for a cross over between real life latex designers and those in second life. i heard ongoing rumors about a Kayliwulf Kingdom and Libidex tie-in though nothings really materialised.

and i know for a fact that there are some fashion design students using Second Life to create their end of term runway shows though for the life of me i've misplaced the bookmarks (feel free to email me and i'll add them here).

you know its not an impossibly crazy idea that Second Life is seeding a generation of potential latex fetishists. people create desires by seeing things they want. spending considerable screen time wearing virtual latex and buying it second life will lead too a percentage of people to buying it in real life. otherwise what is Nike and Nokia doing in there?

or conversely owning something like the Burqa in real life like Latex Lady, then proceeds to have it custom made in Second Life. my claim to fame in SL while modeling at Kayliwulf was to push to get my light baby pink body made by Laz. it took him forever and now that shade of pink is a staple for their designs.

i wonder how long it will take people in SL who are active fetishes in RL to print out photo's of their SL clothing and ask for it to be made for real? or are there design subtleties that have been explored and tested in SL that really need to be made for real?

to finally wind down my sunday rambling, what i'm getting at is there's some amazing possibilities which aren't really being explored or develop by those fetishists in both Second Life and Real Life and it really is about time.



Anonymous said...

I notice that the pic above for your article has the shiny doll wearing a chastity belt. Is this part of the total enclosure doll experience as a way to further heighten the helplessness and objectification, or is it something that just seems to fit in with the image somehow?

Anonymous said...

The metal chastity belt is worn like a sex garment of sorts. It's obviously not meant to be worn all the time since it prevents the wear from removing the suit, using the toilet and so on. It's a sex fashion statement... no different than wearing a collar or cuffs. They come on and they come off... for "play" and fun and thrills.

leinir said...

On collars, that's not entirely true - my collar comes off for two reasons only: Cutting my hair (clippings in the nylon weave really sucks), and when i'm visiting family (old promise to not be /obviously/ kinky while i'm around theirs) :) So, no, collars don't come off ;)

Anonymous said...

collars DO come off for many people... the ones which it is a fashion statement of their kinky style. Sure there are the ones who need to wear these symbols 24/7 but for the most part if you look at how many "submissives" there seem to be out there, judging by the web, you just don't see them.

And then there are the collars worn by domiatrixes as well and this is purely and accessory. What's the big deal in stating that most people despite being kinky and identifying a with a certain "style" of sexuality lead otherwise normal lives and don't need or want to do the 24/7 kink.

If you think about "sex" as an experience, the act is rather brief and the arousal or build up surely can be longer, which is something the kinky foks seem to enjoy - the arousal build up phase and for the most part the orgasmic phase is often very different from coitus or there is no coistus at all in kinky sex.

Latex fashions are about exhibiting your sexuality and feeling sexy while wearing them when they aren't too uncomfortable. For a typical "scene" this usually is acceptable. All the stuff feels OK or great at first. But it doesn't after hours on end in most normal things. This takes lots of "training" and somewhat defeats the purpose because when something is :"normalized" it loses the original appeal or experience.

You get what you want but lose what you had.

blackice said...

Hi Asudem

The Second Life media bandwagon has come and gone in the UK media. There was a story about one of the major London design uni's using it for fashion last year is all.

Last SL article was an expose on BDSM and whatnot in there.