Tuesday, March 24, 2009

lovely photos

another find from my backed up folder of fetish images that i've been hoarding since my days of using a 56k modem. well its much cheaper and faster than waiting on european fetish magazines to arrive now isn't it?

this one is great for me as its just not pretty girls posing as mannequins looking spaced out or entrance. it has something going on - the tease of a story. a before is alluded too, the photo is the present and the end is left wide open to your imagination. these have impact and resonance for me and draw me in like no fetish model could.

upon uploading it i realized its was from a website called synthgirls.com and the retoucher FA. what ever happened to the site and the retouchers who uploaded their work there? anyone know?

another image i am utterly entranced by is this one found on a yahoo groups main page. the link to the site is from is dead so if anyone knows its creator and can direct me (or email) a full resolution version then i'd really appreciate it and post it here so you can all see it. (hmmms.. wonder if i can get it wall sized)

the sheer reflective glossiness of the dress and tights just sums up the appeal for me of the latex: once donned your something else, something possibly not human and at the same time ever more so and gorgeous to boot.

in the image the viewer is being led up a garden path with a crop behind her calling attention to her round shape and the world reflected back into her sealed latex body. where her path leads i would love to follow....



Joseph said...

This is a favorite of mine:


Also from the 56k days, it's been following me ever since.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics. ^__^

Well done as usual Asudem...

Now if only we could get a pic like the second one (of the lady with the crop, the back view) in ultra-glossy pink. The body's already quite dollish now even in the black (rounded hips/buttocks, nipped-in waist, wasp taper, no sign of rear torso details like ribs or shoulder blades).

In short one could *almost* have an instant Barbie photomainpulation, just by making the hair color "blonde" and the catsuit color "pink", without changing anything else. Easily.

Just my three cents....I know, some prefer the black so I will stop now.

Bradley Poe

Blnkstr said...

The black-suited woman might be from a group that has continued under this name:


It looks a bit like one of the proprietors, named Lax (I think?), and if it isn't, then there's more photos that are similar enough to be quite enjoyable. Plus, they're a nice bunch of folks.

Happy rubbering!

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like it might be an image from Shiny Delights wife from the about 1998. He goes by a different name now in various other forums so out of respect to him I know he'd rather not that I reveal it. However, on Deviantart he still goes by that nick and posts his renders over there as well.

FYI, don't bother begging for new images of his wife. I use to run a yahoogroup that he was a member of and bugged him constantly, over and over and over and over again. LOL