Friday, April 28, 2006

50,000 + hits... and now with metatags.... ;-)

well its finally happened and much sooner than i thought - i've hit 50,100-ish page views of my teeny corner of the internet and really i've only been up since december.

i've also just put in some metatags so hoping that will increase search engine visibility and all that. if anyone has suggestions for keywords to use and those not to use, then please post as i'm new too all this.

and hoping my tights get here tommorrow as i'd really like to wear them all weekend.



blackice said...

Thats pretty good going. I was wondering how much of a specialist fetish all this stuff is, but apparently its much more mainstream, either that or brad is looking at the blog 200 times a day...

Butm, its good data for my arguement for the feature.

Oh and I've been contacted by the Rubber Sisters and we have a planned shoot in June. I'll keep everyone posted and send shots into you.


Anonymous said...

Um, not quite 200...more like once or twice. :) But you didn't hear that from me.

Not Brad

Anonymous said...

No supprise!!! I use your web as my refference to rubber and dolls fetish. Congratulations... Go asudemlatex GO!!!

Anonymous said...

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