Friday, April 21, 2006

marketing, dress up or just plain fun?

during one of my more recent googling's i found a cool hub site that list a whole lot of dressing up of avatars here. some are fashion oriente while others are more fantasy creatures.

categories include: Animals, Bears Boys, Cartoons, Anime, Celebrities, Dolls & Toys, Faces, Fantasy, Fashion, Food, Funny Girls, Historical, Kids, Makeovers, Movies & TV, Robots, Politics, Real People, Toddlers & Babies and others.

seems some are made by fans and enthusiasts while others are cunning ploys by stores and fashion houses to sell you loads of stuff.

still its all good fun if you don't buy anything.



TSG said...

Everyone knows it's always fun to play dress up!

WinterRose said...

Here's some of mine...

maverick said...

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